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Spending the month being a roo.

Anyone want to join? I have a nice pouch that I could stuff you in :)

Changed up my sleep schedule a bit recently and it's been helping with my overall mood.

Also stopped doing so many edibles as I found that it was really messing with me emotionally. Especially if I did edibles both Friday and Saturday nights. I also find that if I run out, I run out and don't get any more for a bit.

It honestly makes that first time after a long break that much more interesting and fun.

Heard this on a podcast the other day.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

I found it quite beautiful.

Been meaning to change my icon for pride month.

Got the Carl's Jr Mile High Burger today. It's a burger with about a 5mg dose of CBD. Had to get there pretty early and wait a bit but it was something fun to do today. Burger was pretty good, but not a huge jalapeno fan.

Today is the last day of the graphic designer at work and the boss has not brought in anyone to replace them. The current job listing on LinkedIn is also an oversell and anyone that they do get is probably going to quit the place less than a year after they start.

I also think he's not hiring anyone because I keep hearing him complain about 'cash flow' issues.

Well, city of Denver is shutting down today including work. So I've got the day off today but I don't have to go anywhere as I stocked up on supplies last night.

Digging umbrella Academy so far but it does drag a little bit and some of the montage sequences get a little repetitive. It's like a dark X-Men but pretty good.

So I love the guys at work who find Arby’s to be the choice of their daily lunch meal. They then go on to complain about how expensive McDonalds is.

They also seem to drink a lot of those Monster Energy drinks as well. One of them told me they drink about two to three of them a day.

Also got some weird looks because I didn’t order Girl Scout cookies because I don’t want sugary snacks in my apartment.

The commute to work was horrible this morning as it was a huge snow storm. I took the back roads to get to work and I was lost a few times. I don't like having to make that many turns when the roads are icy.

It also didn't help that I had a slight case of insomnia this morning and I was actually awake for about an hour.

Took a good hour to calm down once I did get to work and by the afternoon I was feeling a lot better.

Helped that the sun came out too this afternoon.

Had a slight case of insomnia for a bit last night and ended up just getting up and laying in bed.

Gave some extra snuggles to the plushie pals and feel asleep after an hour

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I love it when you are on the phone talking to a client and they ramble on for ten minutes like your supposed to know who they are before they get to the point of why they called.

Before I get on the road tomorrow, just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope that your up and coming year is filled with happiness and joy.

Fill your life with good people and focus on what really matters.

I am truly honored to be your friend and I hope that I always will be yours.

Leaving on Saturday for a week long Christmas vacation with family. We're all going to Lima, Peru which is where my mom was born.

I'm hoping it's going to work out as I don't deal very well with my parents ( especially dad ) much anymore and I'm going to be staying in the same room with them for the whole week.

I'm just going to take it day to day and just focus on the good things.

Only bad parts I can think of is that I can't bring any gear or plushies with me.

Blossom of Lights event last night at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Crazy thing is that these where shot with Google's Photo Sphere "night mode"


Every person is different.

Every story starts starts at a different time.

Your story still has yet to be written.

Some got there before you did, while others are still waiting to get there.

Your time will come.

But you have to work on it.

Even a little bit at a time.

Nothing comes to if you wait.

Be safe

Be good.

Be kind.

Internal work system goes down about three times a day and the only way to bring it back is to reboot the server. We have a new software solution we have been looking at but it has some major problems as well.